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 Over the years, adhering to technological innovation, Shennanyi has won the processing patent for multi-curved tempered glass and its composite products……
       Over the years, adhering to technological innovation, Shennanyi has won the processing patent for multi-curved tempered glass and its composite products, has solved the technical problem that irregular twisted glass cannot be tempered and even has broken through the cognition that irregular twisted glass can only processed by hot bending. The Company becomes an expert in curved glass processing in the industry by means of its unique technological advantages, is able to meet the design requirements of internationally famous designers and engineers based on different architectural structures and satisfy the diversified processing demands of customers and provide more deign possibilities.
Multi-Curved Tempered Glass
Thickness of Glass 5mm-19mm
Max Size 3000*4000
Min Size 600*600
Min Radius 500mm
Max Arch Height 420mm
8mm Low-E Glass+16AS+6mm Clear glass+1.52mm PVB+6mm Clear Glass
(Multible Curved Tempered Laminated Insulated Glass)
Hot Curved Glass
Glass Thickness 3mm-25mm
Max Size 3300*7500
Min Size 300*300
Min Radius 350mm
10 production plant
6mm Clear Glass+1.52mm PVB+6mm Clear Glass
(Double Hot Curved Laminated Glass)
10mm Low-Iron Glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm Low-Iron Glass+18AS+
10mm Low-Iron Glass+1.52mm PVB+10mm Low-Iron Glass
(J Shape Multiple Hot Curved Laminated Insulated Glass)
6mm Low-E Low-Iron Glass+12AS+5mm Low-Iron Glass+1.52mm PVB+5mm Low-Iron Glass
(Multiple Hot Curved Laminated Insulated Glass)
6mm Low-E Low-Iron Glass+12AS+6mm Low-Iron Glass
(Double Hot Curved Insulated Glass)
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