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The Silver Minsheng Financial Tower

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The Silver Minsheng Financial Tower Located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Fuzhong 3rd Road and Pengcheng 5th Road in Futian Central District,Shenzhen......
The Silver Minsheng Financial Tower Located at the southeast corner of
the intersection of Fuzhong 3rd Road and Pengcheng 5th Road in Futian Central District,
it is one of the last important buildings in the central area of Shenzhen.
The Bank of China Minsheng Financial Building consists of two connected towers,
one of which is the Bank of China Financial Center Building,
which is invested by Bank of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.,
with a total land area of 5,501.12 square meters and a building area of 82,000 square meters.
The financial building is invested by Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
and China Minsheng Banking Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch,
with a total land area of 4634.02 square meters.
The total investment of the whole project is about 1.4 billion yuan,
which is a major project of Shenzhen fixed assets investment.
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